SPE «MEDTORG» 25 years in Ukraine

SPE «MEDTORG» 25 years in Ukraine

The scientific-production enterprise «MEDTORG» has been almost 25 years on the Ukrainian market of medical equipment. Started in 1992, MEDTORG has a wide range of clients throughout the country, including well-known medical institutions, hospitals, factories, specialized research institutions, state regulatory bodies, as well as various analytical laboratories and private medical companies.

SPE « MEDTORG» is also the exclusive authorized distributor of Nexera Medical, aimed at developing life-saving antimicrobial products, among which are widely used respiratory masks of reusable use.

респіраторні маски багаторазового використання

The activity of «MEDTORG» is divided into three main aspects. And first of all it is the supply of medical equipment to hospitals and medical centers, where with their help modern surgery and diagnostics, resuscitation and obstetrics across the country become possible. In addition, the company also supplies analytical instruments to research centers and laboratories, namely: chromatography equipment (gas and liquid chromatographs, mass spectrometers, chromatography-mass spectrometers), spectrometry equipment (UV, visible and near IR spectrometers Part of the spectrum, IR-Fourier spectrometers, atomic absorption spectrometers, NMR spectrometers, as well as clinical NMR scanners), sample preparation equipment and many others. Also it is necessary to mention service, where experienced service engineers, not only install equipment anywhere in the country, but also advise users on any issues that arise during operation.

In addition to international recognition and trust of all major medical institutions in Ukraine and abroad, «MEDTORG» is a participant in projects of global importance such as the UN and TACIS. Thus, showing that it does not rest on its laurels, but continues to be active in the development and promotion of new ideas in the field of medical equipment.

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