Sport and health of young people

Sport and health of young people

Thus, in our country, not a few forces and means are limited to the development of programs to support and help the younger generation in its quest to improve our society. Private companies with a medical profile also did not stay away from this sensitive issue. For example, one of the giants in the market of Ukraine in the field of medical equipment – SPE «MEDTORG».

Sport and health of young people is a guarantee of a long life and prosperity of the nation.

Not much has gone by – 25 years since the company entered the big market in our country. Since then, the scientific production enterprise has been working tirelessly, trying to provide the country with the most high-quality and modern medical equipment. Started in 1992, SPE «MEDTORG» has a wide range of clients throughout the country, including well-known medical institutions, hospitals, factories, specialized research institutions, state regulatory bodies, as well as various analytical laboratories and private medical companies.

In addition to the main activities and participation in the All-Ukrainian projects, «MEDTORG» also does not neglect activities of global importance. Outside Ukraine, the «MEDTORG» is known for its participation in such large-scale projects as the UN and TACIS.

The conscious assistance of private institutions in ensuring a healthy and strong population (and hence our future) testifies that the problem is not a myth and it needs to be solved. And actually, who said that this should be done only by the state? Own shirt is closer to the body, but let us not forget that winter will come, and we will need a fur coat. And it depends on us, whether it will be soft and warm. Similarly, it depends on our actions how we will live in 50 years.

The management of the «MEDTORG» company is thinking about this right now. And thanks to their timely provision of required and high-quality equipment to Ukrainian clinics, hundreds of lives and fates throughout the country were saved and continue to be saved every day.

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